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What time do the races start?

The 10-mile race will begin promptly at 8:00 AM on Saturday, August 5, 2023.

The 5-mile race will begin promptly at 9:00 AM on Saturday, August 5, 2023.

Can you walk the courses?

Of course! You can walk either the 10 mile, or the 5 mile course. Please be aware that the cutoff time is 1:00 PM.

Is there hydration/nutrition provided?

Yes! We’ll have water & Skratch Labs Hydration at the race and at all the water stops. We’ll also have Skratch energy chews as well!

To learn more please check out: Skratch’s FAQ.

Where do the registration fees go?

The Boise Front Trail Run donates all proceeds to Ridge To Rivers! This means that once all the race expenses have been accounted for, all the remaining funds go straight toward helping R2R keep our trail system in tip-top shape! No member of the race committee stands to benefit financially from the Boise Front Trail Run.

What is the elevation profile like on each of the courses?

The five-mile course can be described as rolling, with the first half as a net downhill and the back half as a net uphill. Overall, the course includes between 600 and 700 total feet of climbing on a combination of mostly service roads and doubletrack trail.

The 10-mile course features more climbing and more single track. It is net downhill for the first half, and net uphill for the second. It features just over 2,000 feet of climbing in total.  More information can be found below!

5-mile course map

5-mile elevation map

10-mile course map

10-mile elevation map

Is there a time cutoff?
Yes, in order to keep our participants as safe as possible in the Boise summer heat, we have implemented an official course closing time of 1 PM. That gives all participants 4.5 hours to complete their respective events, which translates to the following per-mile paces: 54 minutes per mile (5-mile course), and 27 minutes per mile (10-mile course).

Are pacers allowed? 

Only registered athletes will be allowed to run on the course during the event.

What is the altitude of the start line? 

Both races begin near the Nordic Lodge just past the main parking lot of the Bogus Basin Ski Area. The altitude at the start line is approximately 6,200 feet above sea level.

Can my friends and family come watch?

Absolutely! Friends and family are welcome to spectate from the start/finish area or to find a suitable place to cheer from the course. Because of the limited space on the trails, we strongly advise that any cheerleaders make their way onto the course well before start time to ensure that they find a good spot and can avoid obstructing the course when participants start to come through.

When does the registration price increase, and by how much?

Great questions! Pricing details can be found here >>

Will race day registration be offered?

Yes, race day registration will be offered for both the 5 and 10 mile options at prices of $60 and $70, respectively.

Is there a maximum participant number?

Yes! We are limiting this year’s Boise Front Trail Run field to 200 participants in total across both events.

What distances are offered?

There are 10-mile and 5-mile options available!

Where will parking be available?

Parking will be available in the main Bogus Basin Recreation Area parking lot. Volunteers will be present on the day of the race to direct you to a parking spot.

Will bathrooms be available?

Bathrooms will be available at the start/finish area through combination of the Nordic Lodge and portable restrooms provided by the race.

Do you have previous results available?

Absolutely! Check them out here >>

Will there be food and water available during and following the race?

Yes! We will have water & electrolyte drinks available at one aid station on the 5-mile course, and two aid stations on the 10-mile. Light refreshments will be available following the race. Additional food and beverage will be available for purchase at the main Bogus Basin Lodge. The electrolyte drink available at the aid stations will be Hammer Nutrition HEED.

Can I carpool?

We encourage it! Please try and coordinate with family, friends, and running buddies to help us reduce the traffic, free up some parking, and save some of that precious gas money!

Are dogs allowed?

Our race committee knows just about as well as anyone that dogs make the BEST trail running companions!

Unfortunately because of the limited trail capacity and close proximity between participants at this event dogs are not allowed on the course during the event.

What will the weather be like?

We wish we could tell you today! While conditions in August can be tough to predict, the NOAA averages for Bogus Basin on August 5 are around 60F for the low temperature, and just south of 90F for the high.

Keep in mind that the 10-mile race starts at 8:00 AM and the 5-mile race starts at 9:00 AM, so we’ll do our best to get you off the course and onto the celebration as early as possible!

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